September 6, 2019

KBN Live - Garrett Morgan

KBN Live Replay - Garrett Morgan


Garrett sat down with us to discuss his start in kayak fishing, the 2019 season, the issues facing some of the larger trails right now, and the future of the sport. 

June 29, 2019

KBN Live - Eric Siddiqi

Eric Siddiqi jumped on with us to discuss Lake St. Clair and some of his favorite techniques to catch huge smallies ahead of the Hobie BOS event up there. Due to some poor connection issues the episode was cut short, but Eric still was able to shed a little light on smallmouth fishing way up north. 

Matt Ramey, winner of the recent Lake Fork Hobie BOS event, joined the live crew to discuss his unique approach that brought him the first place trophy. 

Mr. Tourneyx Dwayne Walley jumped on to discuss and future plans for this game changing tournament software. 

Luther Cifers the founder and CEO of Yak Attack joined KBN Live to discuss the state of kayak fishing and some of the keys to his businesses success. 

Kristine Fischer joined KBN Live once again to discuss her huge win on Kentucky Lake. The momentum behind her victory was something to behold as the entire kayak fishing community seemed to rally behind her. Jordan Marshall also steps in this episode as a guest host! 

David Cruz from Pondwarrior and Preston and Eric from YakBassin joined the show to discuss online tournaments and the future of that format. 

We discussed Jordan and Ryans recent success, FLW/KBF event, Hobie BOS, angler marketing ... and more

May 8, 2019

KBN Live - Jay Wallen

Former KBF AOY, Hobie Worlds Qualifier, and tournament hammer Jay Wallen joined KBN live to discuss a variety of topics. 

April 25, 2019

KBN Live - Greg Blanchard

YouTube Superstar and tournament machine Greg Blanchard joined us to talk techniques, tips, and give a little back story on how he has climbed to the top of competitive kayak fishing. 

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